What are the odds of that? Brian Harman bags two incredible holes-in-one at The Barclays

Brian Harman


Brian Harman better get a lottery ticket pronto, because his two remarkable aces at The Barclays were five times LESS likely than winning the jackpot. For a Tour golfer, the chances of hitting those shots are roughly 67,000,000 – 1. 

Yikes! Check out the second shot, here:

Harman said: “It’s pretty crazy to play a hundred-some-odd tournaments and never have one, but to have two in the same tournament is pretty awesome.”

No kidding. Getting just one hole-in-one is hard enough. According to Golf Digest, who have been analysing the figures for decades, it will take a Tour player an average of 900 rounds to hit one ace. But most golfers are not anywhere near that level, so what does it mean for the likes of you and me?

The National Hole in One Association have provided a handy visual here, so you can see just how impossible – ahem – unlikely it is to land one ace, let alone two.


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