Unusual rules of Golf from balls in a bottle to Kiawah critters

I had the good fortune to play the Ocean Course at Kiawah recently, www.kiawahresort.com/golf/the-ocean-course and after ballooning my ball 250 yards right of my target and into no mans land, I was intrigued to hear of a local rule that when hitting into the “waste” (bunkers to you and I), there is a local rule that allows you relief from the “hazard” whilst accepting a one shot penalty, rather than search for your ball. This is a mandatory rule, and when I asked my caddie why this was, he exclaimed “it’s to save on medical bills”. I said really? Why so? “Well” he said ” We have a wide variety of critters roaming around ranging from gators to snakes, that would dearly love to meet a brit in shorts”. Righto I said, fine by me…..

I was always intrigued by the Harry Bradshaw “ball in a bottle” incident at the British Open in 1949, see GolfToday’s excellent article on the very same http://www.golftoday.co.uk/19th/golf_rules/118_open_and_shut.html and this got me thinking…..I wonder how many other odd rules there are out there for the strange situations we come across, and so I was delighted to receive the following Infographic from Jennifer Forbes at Fairmont www.Fairmont.com on the very subject, an. Nice work Jennifer!

Oh and if you ever get the chance to play the magnificent Kiawah Island courses, you might want to read the following before heading out http://www.800critter.com/kiawahisland_venomoussnakes.html …………just saying……


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