Tips for Achieving the Perfect Golf Swing – INFOGRAPHIC

Golf is the type of sport that requires both a strong body and a strong mind to conquer. And it is, perhaps more so than other sports, the kind of activity that improves, the more time you practice for it. The only difference is that in golf, practicing your swing over and over again is the only way to reduce your handicap.
However, simply dedicating all that time to it isn’t enough. You have to try various techniques, practice with different types of golf clubs, and on different types of elevation or inclination. And even that won’t guarantee you’ll perform the same every time. But if you start understanding your body as an extension of your club, and both of them together as the tool to throw the perfect swing, you can vastly improve your technique.
We think you’ll find the interactive infographic below quite useful, in that it not only provides actionable tips on how to improve your posture but also uses data to point you toward what you might correct about your swing.
Give it a try!

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