The Perfect Putter – improve your green reading and make more putts

Every now and then you come across a golf training aid that really makes a difference. Obviously they’re all designed to be helpful, but sometimes the aim of the product is a bit superfluous to the sport and you think do I REALLY need something like that?

The Perfect Putter is not superfluous in any way. It might not look like the prettiest device known to golf, but in terms of usefulness? You really can’t get much more beneficial to your putting game – or your green reading skills.

What makes it so good? Let’s dive in and take a look.

The Perfect Putter is especially designed with patented technology that allows you to read every green out there – showing you and teaching you how to read the perfect line and the ideal speed for every putt you make.

Over time, you will hit mote putts – increasing your confidence (and we all know golf is ALL about confidence), allowing you to walk onto the green knowing you can read it better than your opponents.

Let’s break down exactly how it works, courtesy of the guys over at the Perfect Putter website.

Where this product can really help is by tying in to the notion of deliberate practice, which I covered in a post a few weeks ago. You can focus in on the key elements of your putting and work on them until they’re sharp enough to have a visible impact on your game.

So if green reading is not your specialty, or if you’re struggling to make more puts – short or long – and want to get better, there really is no better tool than the Perfect Putter.

It allows you to precisely see where the ball will go based on your reading, and simply through using it you are certain to get better on the green.

The old adage is that practice makes perfect. Well, practice with the Perfect Putter certainly does. It’s a fascinating new product that really can make a difference and help to lower your score.

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