The best spikeless golf shoes for women

While spiked shoes have been a mainstay of golf for many years, the trend is quickly changing. Spikeless golf shoes are increasing in popularity among pros and amateurs of the game. Instead of the traditional metal or plastic spikes, spikeless shoes have cleats or nubs on their soles. These shoes are more comfortable especially for long rounds, provide the same or even better traction and are definitely more stylish. Below are the top 7 spikeless shoes in the market right now specifically designed for women golfers.

Top Recommendation: Nike Golf Empress

This is hands down one of the best spikeless golf shoes a woman can get. You know what you're getting with Nike, and that's comfort, style, quality, and of course, a reasonable price.

Nike Golf women's Lunar Empress Golf Shoe.


1. Nike Golf women’s Lunar Empress Golf Shoe.

Price $62.99 – $129.95

Nike Golf women's Lunar Empress Golf Shoe.

Nike Golf women’s Lunar Empress Golf Shoe.

Nike’s range of golf shoes is best known for the innovation in style and design. The Lunar Empress does not disappoint. One of the best things about these shoes are their versatility. Whether you are enjoying a round of golf, going for a walk or meeting with friends, they are perfect.

When you put on the shoes, the first thing you will notice is the smooth no-sew textile upper. This has to main benefits. One, the lack of sew seams ensures that your feet do not experience any abrasion especially after walking around awhile. Secondly, it increases the overall stability of the shoe. This stability is further enhanced by the strong nylon fibers placed in the upper of the shoes. This ensures that as you move around, your feet stay in place. When it comes to the midsole, Nike makes use of its groundbreaking Flywire technology. Introduced in 2008, this technology involves the use of high tensile fibers to provide more support and stability. It also adds a springy feel to the shoes. For comfort, a full length sockliner provides great comfort and support to the wearer. Nike also makes use of Lunarion cushioning in the heel. This is a new type of ultra-soft foam that is much lighter, springier and more supportive. To improve ergonomics, Nikes gives the Lunar Empress an S shape that conforms to the natural shape of the foot. It integrates full-length rubber traction for ultimate control and stability.

With a price range between $62 and $129 depending on size, these golf shoes deliver full worth for their value.

2. Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport Golf Shoe.

Price $32.73 – $110.00

Adidas Women's Adizero Sport Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport Golf Shoe

With the Women’s Adizero Sport Golf Shoe, adidas has an almost obsessive focus on comfort. Everything about the shoe from design to material is geared towards creating the most comfortable golfing experience for the wearer. Add the feminine touch that stands out, and this shoe is sure to become the top choice for most women. The shoe’s main outer material is leather which works to boost comfort and durability. The tongue is perforated ensuring that excess heat is not trapped in the shoe and good air circulation is maintained. If you are golfing in warm weather, the shoe will not get all hot and sweaty or retain any bad smells after a few hours in them.

Adidas claim that their exclusive CLOUDFOAM sockliner provides, unrivalled comfort and cushioning. This serves to provide comfort and prevent foot injury and stress when playing. The shoe itself is superlight, adding to the overall comfort.
On the outsole, Adidas uses its SPRINTFRAME technology. Inspired by lightweight bridges that support huge weights, this technology guarantees a lightweight chassis that is also strong and stable. By keeping the feet in place, the SPRINTFRAME outsole enables a good grip and control. To enhance this stability, there is also the external SPRINTWEB TPU layer. The layer is especially great at maintaining stability during lateral movements. Adidas go to great lengths to ensure that Women’s Adizero Sport Golf Shoe meets and exceeds comfort expectations. Users with foot problems such as bunions are ardent wearers. The great support and stability are two other areas where the women’s Adizero performs excellently. All this comes at a great price range of $39 to $100. Different sizes vary in prices, as with the other shoes featured here.

3. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid II Golf Shoe.

Price $159.99 – $169.99

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid II Golf Shoe.

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid II Golf Shoe.

The ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid II Golf Shoe may be among the highest priced women’s golf shoes in the market but the tons of awesome features justify the price tag.

The whole shoe is a combination of well known comfort and stability mechanism in addition to new and exclusive ECCO innovations. The end result is a product that provides women golfers with premium comfort, support and stability.
To start off, there are the rubber soles, which by themselves provide a great amount of traction on the course. But it does not end here. Cleats are molded onto the sole providing additional grip and assured stability. You will be able to take complete control of your movements to achieve the perfect swing. The exterior is made from Hydromax leather. This type of leather is extremely resistant to water, guaranteeing you of dry feet regardless of the weather. The leather is also soft and supple, ensuring that it conforms to the foot. ECCO makes use of BIOM technology to provide a better experience to the wearer and improve on safety. BIOM technology is used to design shoes that closely resemble the structure and motion of the natural foot. For this reason, the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid II Golf Shoe feels very much like they are moulded to your feet. The shoes move in sync with the feet’s natural motion. What you get is superior support and stability. On the inside, the features are just as innovative. First, there is the collar and tongue that are made from a soft plush and breathable material for comfort. The footbed is molded to resemble the natural foot anatomy. This creates good cushioning while walking and provides support to the feet. It is important to note that the insole is removable, making cleaning easy.

The over $150 price tag may discourage some potential buyers but you can be sure that you get what you pay for!

4. Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

Price $32.73 – $110.00

Adidas Women's Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

The adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe is built on the success of the Adizero Sport Golf Shoe. It enhances the great features that were in the Adizero Sport Gold shoe and introduces a few new ones. The shoe is very lightweight meaning no fatigue at all even after a long day of golfing. The exterior is made from a breathable mesh that keeps excess moisture and heat out of the shoe. TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is used to enhance the exterior so as to provide maximum stability for different kinds of movements. The make of the outsole focuses on creating adequate traction by having molded cleats on it. The exclusive technology used in designing the outsole is called Puremotion. It ensures that the shoes perfectly adapt to the natural motion of the feet from the first moment you walk in them. No longer will you complain of the discomfort during the breaking-in phase. The Puremotion technology and the molded cleats are highly effective at providing flexibility and traction when walking or swinging. In the interior, you will find a full-length sock liner for comfort, injury prevention and stability. The in-sole create the perfect foot bed by providing better impact-cushioning and more energy.

Depending on what size you wear, you can expect to pay anything between $32 and $110. This is a great price range for a shoe that exceeds expectations.

5. The Puma SunnyLite Mesh Women’s Golf Shoes

Price $74.99

The Puma SunnyLite Mesh Women's Golf Shoes

The Puma SunnyLite Mesh Women’s Golf Shoes

The Puma SunnyLite Mesh Women’s Golf Shoes have one thing in common with yoga; a yoga mat. The sockliner inside the shoe is made from a soft cushy yoga mat material. This provides all day long guaranteed comfort to help you be at your best game. The upper is lightweight mostly due to its breathable mesh material that keeps the feet cooled and moisture-free. At the bottom, the outsole comes with several features that provide the golfer with good grip and proper control of her movements. Firstly, there are grooves that add to the shoe’s traction and grip. Secondly, the outsole is extended to the lateral side to provide flexibility and grip for a wide range of movements. To create a snug fit for the wearer, the shoes come with laces that provide a tight fit and thus better support. You can also choose from the different styles of laces that come together with the shoes. On the inside, you will find the EverFoam lining at the heel. This exclusive type of lining provides unparalleled support and cushioning to the wearer. The already mentioned yoga mat sockliner adds to the support and comfort. Another very unique feature of the Puma SunnyLite shoes is the presence of Forefoot pods. By fitting perfectly around the forefoot and leaving some space, you will experience more movement flexibility and better traction on different kinds of surfaces.

At a price range of $59 to $130 (depending on size), the SunnyLite is at the perfect price point, ideal for many women’s budgets. The shoe performs surprisingly well on almost all fronts including comfort, style, design, support and price.

6. Nike Golf women’s FI Impact Golf Shoe

Price $74.99 – $136.98

Nike Golf women's FI Impact Golf Shoe

Nike Golf women’s FI Impact Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe for use on and off the course, this is it. The style and comfort of the women’s FI Impact Golf Shoe make versatile. When on the course, there are numerous features designed specifically to make sure that you are in top form and that every swing is positively complemented by what you are wearing on your feet. Let’s start with the outer mesh. Being breathable, it ensures proper climate control and thus ultimate comfort in the interior. So it does not matter how hot it is, your feet will remain cool and sweat free. The mesh upper also has a great visual design, making the shoe an excellent choice for casual hangouts. Wear them comfortably and with confidence when you are going to the park, meeting some friends or doing some shopping. Inside, the molded sockliner provides a comfortable bed for the feet while also boosting support and grip. Outside, the outsole creates maximum stability and control through rubber traction pods and flex grooves. On the overall design, Nike focuses on ergonomics to create a shoe that conforms to the feet’s natural motion while also helping with balance and impact force transfer. In regards to price, the FI Impact Golf Shoe is a bit on the high side with a range between $74 and $137, depending on what size you wear.

7. FootJoy Superlites Mesh Women’s Golf shoes

Price $68.95 – $90.00

FootJoy Superlites Mesh Women's Golf shoes

FootJoy Superlites Mesh Women’s Golf shoes

The FootJoy brand is one of the best known when it comes to premium golf shoes. The Superlites Mesh Women’s golf shoes do a good job of keeping up with the brand’s well known features of quality, comfort and style.
Available in a variety of great styles, the shoe works well for golfing as well as other off-course casual engagements. The soft foot bed provides excellent foot support and comfort. It has been designed to match the natural shape of the feet and to match their natural motions when walking.
To provide further support and strength, the shoes feature a U-shaped lacing style and metal eyelets. The outsole uses proprietary technology to achieve a great grip and endure the rigors of the outdoors.
The $68 to $90 price range is very appealing to those on a tight budget.



It is really hard to make a choice when each of the above could be considered among the best spikeless golf shoes for women. But each shoe has its own unique feel to it and in some cases unique features. The Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport Golf Shoe perform best in the comfort category. They are ideal if you have to play for long periods at a time or if you have feet problems.

When it comes to price, the winner is FootJoy Superlites Mesh Women’s Golf shoes. For those concerned most with style, the best choice is the Nike Golf women’s FI Impact Golf Shoe. These are shoes you can wear in many places and still feel confident.

For the overall price, the ultimate choice is Puma SunnyLite Mesh Women’s Golf Shoes. These shoes boast of most of the great features of other brands while maintaining an affordable price point.

Top Recommendation: Nike Golf Empress

This is hands down one of the best spiked golf shoes a woman can get. You know what you're getting with Nike, and that's comfort, style, quality, and of course, a reasonable price.

Nike Golf women's Lunar Empress Golf Shoe.

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