The Best Golf Shoes: Find the Perfect Fit

In playing golf, you do not just want to enjoy the game but you would definitely want to keep on improving your moves and your performance. Finding the right golf shoes is important to keep your balance and to have stability, as well as keeping your feet comfortable and fresh through the long walks.

With so many brands of golf shoes that are being offered, how do you find the best pair? When buying your golf shoes, you do not just consider the style but as well as its design, performance, features and the cost. Prior to buying, you can weigh and compare your options by reading product reviews.

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For better performance and comfort while you are playing golf, it is essential that you choose the best golf shoes that fit your budget and style preferences.

When playing the sport, you need to use golf shoes since they are specifically designed with grip bottoms or spikes to give the player traction on the grass.Golf shoes are also created for various terrains.

In searching for a brand, there are too many options to choose from, so before you finally decide to purchase it helps if you know what the different golf shoes offer and what are the things you have to take into consideration.

To get the best buy, first you have to look at the material being used. If you want comfort, you should definitely go for golf shoes made with leather. However, the price is definitely higher compare to other shoes made from other materials.

There is an alternative choice which is cheaper. You can purchase golf shoes made from synthetic leather. They may not offer the same level of quality but at least you can have the functionality you need.

Apart from these materials, there is the Gore-Tex which is thick and waterproof perfect for players who play in really cold weather. Another material used is the polyester which is the cheapest way to create a golf shoe. It might be the cheapest but it cannot provide durability and quality.

So, what are some of the best golf shoes in the market today?

Adidas Adizero One

Adidas Adizero One

Among one of the most popular choices among golfers is the Adidas Adizero One. This is a low profile golf shoes that is specifically designed for stronger contact with the ground. It is light and weather resistant. On top of that, the shoes also have a wider base for better secondary traction. The Adidas Aidzero One has 7 cleats. In going for this shoes, you get to have a good pair that is essential for better golf performance. The product also comes with 2 year waterproof warranty.


  • Very light and is created for better performance
  • Sole is man-made
  • Provides maximized comfort with its sprint skin
  • Comes with an external layer for upper stability
  • Gives ultimate grip and stability
  • Offers more cushioning


  • Some customers find the shoes too narrow.

Nike TW 14 MESH

Nike Golf Men's TW 14 Mesh High Performance Golf Shoe

Nike is a known global sports brand. If you are looking for a quality pair of golf shoes, the brand offers its Nike TW 14 Mesh. Golf superstars like Tiger Woods wear this as the brand is known to create shoes that have greater flexibility and longer contact with the ground. The Nike TW 14 Mesh makes use of Flywire technology for stability and support. Offered at $170, this is considered to be one of the best choices out there.


  • Sole is made of rubber
  • Better Breathability with the materials used
  • Gives complete comfort and stability
  • Offers greater flexibility and full motion


  • Some customers complained about the edge material used.

PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoes

PUMA Men's PG Clyde Golf Shoe

PUMA is a global sports brand. In choosing a brand for your golf shoes, they also offer a nice choice which is the PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoes. This product offers a much lighter and wider footwear to provide ease and comfort. It features a soft full grain leather with S2QuillTech spikes to offer greater flexibility when you play golf.

It also has flex grooves along with EverFoam cushioning which makes it comfortable to wear. With its waterproof and durable materials, you get to have one of the best golf shoes that can surely boost your performance and give you stability while you are in the golf course.


  • Light golf shoes that offers ease and comfort
  • Stylish with its S2QuillTec spikes and waterproofed upper
  • Optimal cushioning and greater flexibility
  • Functional and made use of durable materials
  • Offers stability


  • Some customers say that the shoes are created and designed for Europeans which makes it a bit narrow for American feet.

ECCO Men’s Street EVO One Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Street EVO One Golf Shoe

Another great choice is the ECCO Men’s Street EVO One Golf Shoe. It offers comfort, functionality and performance making it one of the best-selling shoes and top choices among golfers today. It exudes a stylish athletic footwear that is specifically created to meet the needs of a player. It showcases the Hydromax technology to give greater flexibility, stability. Since the shoes is lightweight, you can never go wrong with ECCO Men’s Street EVO One Golf Shoe.


  • The uppers made use of rich leather
  • Features Hydromax technology for greater stability and power
  • Includes additional laces
  • Has 800 traction angles for stronger course grip



  • Some customers complain about the lack of half-sizes.

Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Comfort Golf Shoe

Callaway Footwear Men's Chev Comfort Golf Shoe

Callway is a distinguished sports brand especially for golf players. In searching for a golf shoe, the brand offers the Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Comfort Golf Shoe as one of the best choices. It features synthetic material upper and that the rubber makes use of traction system comfort spikes for stability. All rubber features traction outsole to give complete comfort.


  • Soft, stylish and comfortable to wear
  • Has traction system comfort spikes which allow greater stability
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 1 year limited water-resistant warranty
  • Provides 30 day comfort guarantee


  • Some customers encountered problems in fitting the shoes.


  1. I need to find an 86E wide golf shoe. Can you help me. I don’t like the shoe that Hitchcock has at wide Thank your reply. Curt.

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