Supreme Golf: The Future of Online Booking?

Supreme Golf is the most comprehensive tee time search engine in the world. Finding the best prices for the best golf courses, at times that suit you, is what Supreme Golf is all about. In many ways, they’re looking like the future when it comes to booking your round; a global marketplace of tee times and golf deals – and they’re expanding all the time.

How does Supreme Golf work?

It’s pretty simple. Click onto and the ‘search’ field immediately pops up. Type in a city, zip code or course – plus the time you’d like to play – and a whole host of different golf courses come up for you to choose from. From there you can compare tee times, courses and prices, and book up.

Why should I use Supreme Golf to book my round?

Golf is a global sport. Over 1.3 billion rounds are played every year, from Australia, China and Indonesia, to South Africa, Britain, and the US. In short, wherever there are people, there are golf courses. The beauty of Supreme Golf is that instead of endlessly surfing from one site to another to find the course you’re looking for, it’s all here.

With thousands of golf courses on their system to choose from, Supreme Golf simplifies the whole process. You simply search, compare, book, and play. Plus, with their Instant Booking Technology, you can view all your previous rounds within your account section. You will also receive a confirmation email that tells you who to contact should you need customer service. It’s incredibly player friendly.

When is the best time to use Supreme Golf to book my round?

Whether you’re searching the area you live in for the best golf deals or looking for somewhere abroad, Supreme Golf gives you unrivalled access to many of the world’s most exciting golf courses. It’s great to use to check out the prices of rival courses in your area, but it’s invaluable when you are away from home, especially if you’ve travelled to somewhere completely new or exotic. Business trip to Abu Dhabi? Great. Touring the Costa Brava? No problem. Exploring the Scottish links courses? Perfect. Visiting the Mid-West? Ideal. Just click onto Supreme Golf, search your area, compare the courses, book, and enjoy playing on some of the world’s best golf courses. It couldn’t be easier.

How much will it cost me?

Aside from the actual cost of the round, you pay nothing to use the service. They don’t charge fees to search tee times or to book them – and they say they never will. It means you have unlimited search privileges, so you can compare golf rounds all over the world, as much as you like.

So, have they got access to every golf course on the planet?

Not quite, but they seem to be getting there. Since their launch in 2011, the company now has 13,000 in 41 countries are available to book online.  This equates to 70% of US and 55% of global public golf courses.  Supreme Golf checks out more tee times at more courses than anybody else, using sites such as Golfnow, Teeoff, Golf18Network, Groupon, GolfAdvisor and Yelp.

If your course isn’t on there, then it’s highly likely that it soon will be. The company has set its sights on becoming the premium go-to reservation site for golfers across the world, and over the next three years, they expect to have access to over 75% of the world’s courses.

As it stands now, Supreme Golf is the largest tee time search engine in the world. They’re continuously expanding, and adding new suppliers and partners every month. Their stated goal is, ultimately, to offer golfers access to every available tee time in the world. It’s an ambitious dream, but one Supreme Golf is confident of achieving. This will give an unparalleled wealth of choice for golfers; choices on courses and prices never before seen in the digital age.

Do they just search tee times?

Searching for the best tee times at the best prices is what Supreme Golf specialises in, but it’s not all they offer. They are also good for comparing courses – not just prices, but facilities too – and they cover thousands of golf deals every day. In 2017 they are also looking to expand their golf-related travel packages, which will aim to offer all sorts of golfing excursions and breaks to some of the world’s best courses, all at affordable prices. There’s also an exclusive loyalty program new for 2017, which will offer all kinds of golfing benefits.

Why was Supreme Golf created in the first place?

Supreme Golf was designed and built for golfers, by golfers, who were frustrated with all the effort they would go through just to book a round online. They wanted the best user experience on one simple site, which would allow players to search and compare tee times from hundreds of suppliers throughout the country and beyond.

The company then evolved through several phases of life. Founders Jonathan Wride and Ryan Ewers had the vision to create Supreme Golf as a kind of “Groupon” of the golfing world and began by promoting their idea alongside a local golf radio show in Texas.

Then, in late 2012, after striking up a deal with Hank Haney and Fox Sports radio, they developed the concept further. Realising that there was no one out there offering a similar tee-time searching service, they put their heads together to create the site as you can see it today.

Wride and Ewers now frequently compare Supreme Golf to Where Kayak pioneered aggregation in the travel industry, Supreme Golf is now doing so in the golfing world.

The future of online booking

A lot of golfers don’t actually know that tee times are available to book online. Supreme Golf is there to give players access to all the options they need. It may well be the future of online booking, so why not check out and see for yourself?

Happy golfing – wherever you choose to play!




  1. Thank you for the review. It’s a very interesting website ! We do have this kind of application here in France , but only a few people use it, I really don’t understand why.

    Vincent From

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