Phil holes out in dramatic circumstances in the President’s cup.

I guess you all saw this but it is worth reposting again just in case you missed it. Not only was this a majestic shot, it was performed under pretty excruciating pressure given he had just incurred a rather bizarre one ball rule violation.

Prior to the sand skills, Phil had just been given a penalty (or match play adjustment penalty). Jason Sobel the Senior Golf writer at ESPN, offers an explanation of what happened.

“Here are the nuts and bolts of the situation: Mickelson put a different model ball into play than he had started with on the par-5 hole, one which would potentially offer extra yardage off the tee. That might sound like an underhanded ploy, but it could also be considered a veteran move. There’s no one-ball rule — Rule 5-1, as it is commonly known — during Ryder Cup competition, but the rule does exist in the four-ball portion of this event.

After realizing his mistake and reporting it to a rules official, Mickelson was told it was a “loss of hole” penalty and was disqualified from playing the remainder of the seventh hole. Only half of that was correct. Even though he and partner¬†Zach Johnson did indeed lose a hole to International team opponents¬†Jason Day and Adam Scott, the rules committee didn’t realize until after the fact that Mickelson could have continued playing that par-5, with his score counting toward the match.

Mickelson picked up his ball, and Day won the hole with a birdie, essentially giving his side a 2-for-1 special. They entered the hole all square, and Mickelson and Johnson walked off 2-down”.

The Committee’s decision released to the media was:

Screen+Shot+2015-10-09+at+7.50.23+AM (1)

It is worth reading Jason’s further thoughts on the matter here, he makes a series of terrific points. Also worth a gander is the The post round interview with Phil and Zach, along with Todd Lewis’s thoughts on Golf Central.

Hey ho……nothing is ever straight forward is it?






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