Not today! Kangaroo forces golfers off the course in frantic buggy chase

There are some things you just don’t want to see on a golf course. You can check out our list of terrifying golf hazards – from sharks to alligators – which we covered a couple of weeks back.

But somehow even those frightening sightings fail to capture the rush of a kangaroo sprinting right at you while you’re trying to enjoy a game of golf.

This rapid kangaroo seems to have been offended by the group trying to play on its territory. Or maybe it was jealous of their drivers? Either way, it bounded rapidly after them as they attempted to flee in their golf cart. The scene resembles the famous Jurassic Park moment when the T-Rex chases down the 4×4 for the first time.

The golfers no doubt thought they were out of the rough when they started to speed off in their cart. But alas, the kangaroo was having none of it!

It chased them right off the course, before rounding off and hopping back to its original location, perhaps lining up its own shot from the fairway.

Note to self. Never step on a kangaroo’s golf course!

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