Man ruins perfectly good good golf club with a $200k Mercedes… after the car broke down!

Can you ever imagine yourself smashing up a $200,000 Mercedes? It’s difficult to picture something getting you THAT worked up… maybe if your partner cheats on you, you miss a short putt for the umpteenth time, or your custard cream breaks into your cup of tea mid dunk…

But because your car breaks down?

That’s exactly what drove this 33-year-old man, surnamed Yu, into a Mercedes-smashing rage outside the car dealership. After his car broke down three times, the staff said they’d exchange the model if it happened again. Well, it did, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t be wielding his Titleist like a baseball bat.

The fourth breakdown almost caused an accident for both him and his family, and when Yu marched into the dealership for his exchange, they told him he’d have to wait until the manager got back from his business trip.

After hours of back and forth arguing, Yu decided that actions would speak louder than words and practiced his golf swing. Repeatedly. Perhaps the most impressive thing is how long the golf club held up!

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