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The app market is booming, and it’s not going anywhere – it seems they’re springing up daily, from the food industry to games. So it’s no surprise to see developers taking their love of golf and finding ways to use technology to help improve your game.

But while you can find a whole lot of apps, gadgets and tools that claim to benefit the way you play golf – from GPS devices to swing analyzers – it’s not too often you find something where you think, hang on, they could be onto something here.

That was the impression I got the first time I looked at Biirdie Golf, a new app developed with the goal of fine-tuning your mental game, improving your approach to the way you play, and encouraging note taking that can apply to individual golf, the team game, and to coaches looking to better connect with their students.

Biirdie is in beta testing at the moment, with new features being developed. Eventually it will be available as a mobile app in all the usual places, but for the time being it’s only available on the Biirdie Golf website – so if you want to check it out and see how it can help you, it’s well worth popping over to take a look.

The age-old adage is that golf is 90% mental. And while that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s certainly true that there’s a large mental component to every sport. The line between success and failure in golf is thin, and the mental part of your game plays a big role in where you land.

So how does the Biirdie Golf app help with that? Through sleek design, simple (though important) ideas, and a streamlined interface, it focuses in on several aspects of your golf round and encourages you to think about them in a different way. Perhaps, with practice, and with use, the app will redefine how you play.

The first part of any round, and the first thing you come to with Biirdie Golf, is the shot routine builder. There’s so much that goes into playing the right shot at the right time. How you approach the ball, what you look at, what you think about. If you’re not thinking about your shot – if you’re simply walking up and hitting the ball – then you’re missing the opportunity to be your best.

With Biirdie, you can create, rearrange, and save your own unique shot routine. The app will ping up questions to help you think through your process, and you can store it to come back to any time you like.

At first I thought this might be distracting – but it’s actually quite nice to slow the game down before a round, and it ties in well with the Biirdie Books feature. What is Biirdie Books? Let’s take a look.

Biirdie Books is a notebook within the Biidie app, which allows you to keep track of everything, from great shots you make to poor choices, thoughts about the course to reviews of your round. You can write down goals and accomplishments, and break down your game shot by shot.

The benefit of this is that it cuts away the distraction that an entire round can sometimes bring: you don’t have to think about the rest of the course, the rest of the day, or anything at all except the shot you are about to make. Once you’ve hit it, you can reflect on it – where you went wrong, where you went right.

This is exactly the kind of thing that you need to make the most out of the mental aspect of the game. In a way, it allows you to coach yourself; to see where you’re going wrong and might need improvement, and to see where your strengths are.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect in development, though, is the Round Review feature. After you finish a game, you can load up the app and note down your process, your thoughts, how you were feeling at certain stages and throughout your shots. This will benefit both individuals, teams and coaches: you can compare players against other, and coaches can keep track of their students even when they’re not there with them.

In theory, it will be especially useful for coaches, because they can fine tune their tutoring based on details they’d only see if they were with their students throughout every game. And all with just a few clicks.

Some apps out there feel a bit superfluous, but Biirdie Golf is not one of them. It’s especially recommended if you’re interested in training using deliberate practice, because the note taking and thought process it encourages is directly transferable.

What are you waiting for? Check it out now, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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