If you have the YIPS you must see THIS!!!


Whilst I have been able to avoid the putting yips, I have suffered over the years with a similar affliction when chipping. It kills you. The loss of confidence and downward death spiral is all consuming. But there is GOOD NEWS! If you suffer from a severe case of deceleration and lack of confidence head over to Jeff Ritter’s blog www.mttperformance.com/blog and check this out…..awesome post Jeff. http://mttperformance.com/blog/mission-possible-tips-for-taming-the-yips/

And for my sanity, Jeff’s yip chippers band aid video I particularly found to be a great help. You can watch the video here:


Lastly, one other instructional piece helped me, from the writers of the golftoday blog. Fantastic piece guys. http://www.golftoday.co.uk/proshop/features/2013/chip_yip.html

Keep swinging!

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