How to sink more short putts



We all know the feeling. You judge the angle of the green’s slope, you measure your shot to perfection, you line it up and THEN…

You miss.

Time moves in slow motion as the ball rolls wide, or else slows and slows and slows until it stops agonizingly short of the hole, as if mocking you. It happens to even the best golfers, and is heartbreaking whenever it does, completely ruining your game.

So what can you do to make sure you land more short putts and avoid the dreaded close-range miss? Here are some tips that work for me, and I hope can work for you too. After all, you can recover from missing the fairway, but missing a short putt? You can’t remedy that.


1. Visualise













This doesn’t just apply to golf – it’s a crucial aspect of all sport. Look at Usain Bolt ahead of a race, or an NFL player pacing the field before the game. They spend ages locked inside their mind, seeing everything they have to do in vivid detail, running through all the aspects of the upcoming challenge in their head.

How can that help with your putting? It’s simple: take your time. Look at the hole, look at your ball, see the path, and visualise the shot. See it happen in your mind before you strike the ball.


2. Watch the hole














If you focus only on the ball as you hit it, you’re liable to fluffing it. When you’re close to the hole, try looking at the hole instead of the ball when you hit the putt. There should be nothing going through your mind at this stage. Just the ball going into that hole. No other distractions. Look at the hole, and slot it in.


3. Walk through the swing













By this I don’t literally mean walk. Take a few steps back from the ball, leaving your putter in line with where the ball is. Point the putter at the ball, and then swing it through the air, as slowly as you’d like the ball to move when you hit it, until you’re pointing at the hole. Do this a few times, and it can train your brain to move your arms at the right speed – avoiding too much power, which can see the ball pinging right over the hole when you hit it!

I hope you find these putting tips useful. If you’d like to read more golf tips for beginners, or just breeze through golfing tips in general, you’ll find plenty on Birdieable.

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