How Many Golf Clubs Are There In A Full Golf Set? Don’t ask “Woosie” for heavens sake…

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An often overlooked fact is actually how many golf clubs am I allowed to carry at any one time? I thought about asking “Woosie” for a comment on this topic and then thought better of it.

Some of you may remember he may well have won the British Open in 2001 at Royal Lytham, had his caddie Miles Byrne performed the obligatory bag check count before setting off on the final round. Instead carrying 15 clubs (he was carrying a second driver having practised with it on the range the previous day), he was disqualified and is now forever heckled at tournaments to this day still, on his ability to count. You can read an account about it here

In any event, take it away Emilia and put us all on the right track:

A golf club is defined as a club, which is used to hit the ball in a golf game. Each of the clubs comprises a shaft that has a grip and a club head. While going for a golf game, it is important for the player to know how many golf clubs are there in a set. A standard set of golf comprises of 14 golf clubs. The complete set of golf can comprise of around 12 to 17 golf clubs depending on the manufacturer, however you can only carry up to 14 at any one time, as the R&A lay down in their “Rules of Golf”. You can find a link to the rule here:

The traditional set of golf clubs comprises of:

  • One driver
  • Fairway woods
  • Irons
  • Hybrid clubs
  • Pitching edge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter

Various Golf Clubs in the Set: In Details

  1. Driver

The driver is amongst the biggest club in the entire set, which comes in a club head size measurement. It consists of steep faces and also it is being used more commonly as a tee when its steep faces are amidst 7.5 and 13 degrees.

  1. Fairway Woods

The complete set of golf usually consists of a 3-wood along with a loft, which falls between 12 and 17 degrees. Also many times there is the presence of 5-wood, which is lofted between 18 and 23 degrees. The fairway woods have larger heads as compared to the driver clubs. Nevertheless, they are bit shallower, and they also have a quite low sweet spot at the bottom side of the club. Fairway woods are such clubs that can hit off a tee as well the ground.

  1. Irons

There can as many as 1 to 9 irons in the complete set of the golf. However, it is seen that there is a presence of 5 to 9 irons, which are hybrid in nature. They are such clubs that have quite a thin face that makes them easy to slice between the thick lies. Such thick lies sometimes consist of rough and sand also. It is advisable to play irons off the ground to hit the ball in an effective manner.

  1. Hybrids

The complete set of the golf clubs consists of 2 or maximum of 3 hybrids. The hybrids usually make it easier and simpler to hit the golf ball than the irons. As per one of the facts, hybrids contain elements that are used in the manufacturing of irons and the woods and so it is easier to hit the ball with the hybrid than it is with an iron or wood.

  1. Wedges

A set of the golf clubs most of the times contains a sand wedge as well as a pitching edge. Wedges are those golf clubs that have their heads quite similar to the irons, but their faces seem to be wider in nature. They are majorly used to play high flops that come along with backspin, which makes the ball halt immediately.

  1. Putter

The set of golf clubs has either one blade or one mallet putter. The putter is amongst the most commonly used golf club, and it is also used for a major variety of holes on the golf course by a golf player. This club comes with a flat face, which renders no amount of loft on the ball; hence it is majorly used to roll the ball along the entire golf course.

  1. Golf Bag and Head Covers

The golf bag is the most important part of the set as it is used to carry all the golf clubs to the golf course. Sometimes, the set comes with a cart bag. The set also includes 3 to 4 hardcovers that are matching to the golf bag.

Let us also go through a video to understand the complete post even better. This video shall give you a resolved idea about the various components of a Golf kit.


It is quite difficult to know how many golf clubs are there in the set as it purely depends on the manufacturer and the ease of the player to play. We have made it easy for the players to choose their golf clubs by mentioning details of all the golf clubs. We hope that the above article was helpful to you.

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