Golf Swing Mechanics: The Right Way to Do It

Everyone simply enjoys golf.

From young professionals to seniors, golf is a good sport that is perfect for any skill level.

It is commonly played and enjoyed among group of friends, colleagues and business partners.

For those who are interested to try this game, it is never too late to play golf. In fact, there are some who start late. But as long as you find it interesting and you are keep on playing and practising, you can definitely be good in this sport.

To further improve your golf performance, one of the moves that you should perfect is the golf swing. For those who have just started playing the golf, there are ways for you to perform the right golf swing. By doing the following steps, you can boost your golf performance.

1. Line your position with the flag.

The very first thing that you should do is to have the right position. To approach the ball, you should put yourself in line with the flag. Search for a small stone or a nearby leaf. This should be in direct line with what you are aiming for as well as your ball. These are the 2 points that will serve as your reference. Position yourself in parallel to that line and have the right orientation.

2. Have the correct left grip and then tip.

The club should be on the ground perfectly in place behind the ball. Make sure that you have grip your left hand. Make sure that the club is steady and no room to move. The next step is to ensure that the thumb in on the top of the shaft. Have a natural grip so that you can see two or three hand knuckles. This is the correct way for you to have the left hand grip.

3. Have the correct right hand grip.

Allowing your right arm to comfortably hang as it is, and have the right grip. To do this, fold your hand putting the left thumb below and on the club. Make sure that it points to the right shoulder.

4. Correct way of gripping the back of the club.

The next step is to grip the back of the club. In doing this, there are 3 various ways to do it. You just have to select a style that works for you. The first one is called the Overlapping Grip. This is also known as the Vardon Grip which is considered to be the widely used method in playing golf. With this method, you put the smaller finger of your right hand in between the index and middle finger of your left hand.

The other method is known as the Interlocking grip. With this method, the little finger of your right hand is locked with the index finger of your left hand. For golfers who have small hands, this is the more preferred method to use since it is easy to get a good grip with.

The last method is called as the baseball grip. This method is used by children and adults who have small hands. In using the baseball grip, you can easily grip the club.

5. Have the right stance.

Once you finally have the right grip of the club, the next step is to have to correct stance. Without the correct stance, it can be difficult for you to move and to have the right golf wing. It is essential for you to have the right stance in order to have the right balance and posture.

To do this, make sure that your spread your feet apart in the same width as your shoulders.  Have the right alignment by putting your knees, hips, shoulders and feet parallel to the target. Keep in mind that your right food should be at the right angle which means that it should be in the line of flight. Your left food should be somewhat open.

For better flexibility, move your upper torso by leaning forward and slightly bend your knees. This posture makes it easy for you to swing freely. In addition, the weight should not be on the heels. Relax your arms when doing the move.

To have the right shoulder position, put the club at the center of your chest. Then, lean forward and bend your knees. The club should touch your inner left leg.

6. Do the final swing.

Once you already have the right position, stance and grip, you are not ready to have the do the swing. But before you do that, it helps if you can waggle to make sure that there is correct weight distribution on your feet. When you do, do not move your shoulders and upper body should stay still. Now, you are ready to perform the final swing.

Perfect Your Golf Swing

For golfers who have just started and for those whose skill level is beginner, having the prefect golf swing just like any other sports move will definitely take time and practice. In order to improve your stance, posture and move whenever you play golf, it is essential that you have constant practice.  Always keep in mind the tips in doing the golf swing. Just like other sports, there are certain moves and posture that you have to do right since there is science behind this for you to have the right aim.

Watch Other Golf Players

Once you are already at the field, there are so many things that you can learn from other golfers especially those who are already skilled and have advanced skills. By observing what other golf players do, how they move and even their style, you can get and learn something from them. With continuous practice and improving your stance and move, you can further elevate your golf skills.

Tools of the Trade

Apart from knowing the technical aspect of playing the game, it is also important that you have the right tools. Purchase golf shoes that you find comfortable wearing, quality clubs and other essential accessories that can help you have higher score when playing the game.

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