Golf Insurance & Peace of Mind

When you’re on the links, staring down the fairway, checking for wind and hazards, liaising with your caddy and positioning your tee, the last thing you need to be is worried. Worry is the enemy of concentration, and if there’s one thing that golf calls for, it’s concentration.

Golf insurance is a necessity for the serious player, safeguarding everything from your equipment to your buggy, to third party liability coverage. You’ll get invaluable peace of mind, and any golfing anxieties you may have will quickly ebb away, leaving you to concentrate on what’s important – your game.

Take your clubs, for instance. A golfer is only as good as what he or she is working with, and if your equipment begins to show signs of wear, it’s your swing that’ll suffer. A good golf insurance package will stop you from playing through with shoddy equipment and risking damaging your handicap, as well as your reputation around the clubhouse!

There’s also the small matter of overseas travel. Golf is a global game, with beautiful courses from Scotland to South Africa, from the Americas to Asia. The opportunity to travel and see the world, while taking in a swift 9, is one of the game’s great selling points. Golf insurance packages can offer worldwide cover to allow you to take advantage of the world’s most elite courses. They’ll also let you hire new equipment, should an errant flight attendant send your clubs on a return flight by mistake – it happens, trust me!

Also, let’s not beat around the bush. Golfing can be dangerous. A rogue swing, a gust of wind taking a strong drive in a different direction; there is a chance that even the most experienced player could cause injury to another, or damage someone’s property. Despite the accidental nature of these cases, payouts can often be in the hundreds of thousands, which would certainly keep you off the course for a fair while.

I’ve heard too many stories of golfers being snagged with no insurance and having to pay the price. On the other hand, a lot of golf insurance packages out there treat golfers like any other customer – like they’re selling car insurance or home insurance. Golf is a different prospect, and golfers need something tailored to them.

As a golfer, I am particularly attuned to the needs of my fellow players, and so am putting together a golf insurance package to suit. Subscribe to Birdieable to be among the first to know full details of this offer – the first 20 subscribers will get a dozen Titleist Pro V1 balls.

Golfing risks aren’t just fairway bunkers and water hazards. No, in fact, the biggest risk is that something unexpected will happen, and for whatever reason, you’ll have to stop playing for a prolonged period of time. Do the right thing, and give yourself the peace of mind you need to enjoy the game you love – with nothing breaking your concentration.

I’ll be doing a comparison in another post of the best golf insurance money can buy….stay tuned.


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