Golf Club Distances: What You Need to Know


If you’re a beginner who would love to learn more about golf, you probably want to know how strongly you need to swing your clubs in order to make the ball go to the green.

After all, that’s the point of the game, right? As much as you probably want to know accurate details about this and get some precise measurements, you have to know that the distances that your club can hit will depend on a variety of factors.

While learning about golf club distances, there are also a few key pieces of information you need to learn to better understand how to use the right club in a variety of situations.

Factors That Affect Golf Club Distances

Different clubs hit different lengths depending on their construction, design, and the power behind your swing. Here are some of the things that can influence the distance your club hits.

  • The Golf Club You’re Using– There are various club lengths available. Some are short and some are long. These golf clubs are meant for a variety of things, and of course the type of golf club you will use will make the distance of your shot long or short, too.
  • Environmental Conditions– When you play, is the weather sunny? Is it windy or rainy? The weather conditions while you’re playing can also affect the golf club distance because they can slow it down.
  • Golf Balls– Are you using balls that are only meant for practice? Foam balls may not travel far, or may travel a lot compared to actual golf balls.
  • Fitness– How strong are you? If you’re strong, it’s likely that you will be able to swing well and your ball will travel farther distances because you can swing harder.
  • Swing Speed– Were you rushing when you used the golf club to swing? This can increase or decrease your distance. If you swing too fast, you can flip a shot completely.
  • Gender– Men usually hit stronger than women when it comes to golf, so it’s no wonder that they rack up longer distances. Still, there are instances when you can be better than people of the opposite sex depending on your height, your physical fitness, and the club that you are using.

Based on the elements that are mentioned above, it’s quite easy to see why your golf club distance will depend on you, the user. Other than these, there may still be more factors that can affect the outcome every time. In general, however, certain clubs are known to hit balls within specific distance ranges.

It helps to know these distances because, when you judge how far you still have to hit the ball to reach the green, you can choose the proper club to reach that distance.

It can be difficult to find exact length information online. When you search, you come across various charts that list down the name of the golf club, the type of distances usually hit by men, and those that are hit by women.

However, some brands provide different specific numbers, and that doesn’t help much if you can’t find one for your brand of clubs or you just want to get a better idea of each club’s capabilities.

Fortunately, there’s a chart below that tells you the overall average of each club type’s distance in yards for both men and women.

Based on the chart, you can tell the possible distance that the ball will travel with the use of a certain golf club model, but again, you have to remember that these numbers can differ from person to person.

Golf Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
Driver 230 175
3 Wood 215 150
2 Iron 195 135
3 Iron 195 135
4 Iron 180 125
5 Iron 170 120
6 Iron 150 100
7 Iron 140 90
8 Iron 130 80
9 Iron 115 70
PW 105 60
SW 80 50


Knowing the Right Club to Use

It’s likely that the main reason why you want to know the various distances of golf clubs is because you want to use the right club for your game. Knowing the average distance of the golf club will depend on both the club and you, so in order to know which golf club to use, here are the things that you need to do, aside from reviewing the chart above:

  1. Prepare all of your golf clubs at the range.
  2. Hit at least 10 practice balls with each club.
  3. Record the distances of the balls that you have hit for each club.
  4. For each club, add up the 10 distance measurements and divide that result by 10.
  5. You will then be left with your average distance for each golf club.
  6. Now that you know how each club performs with your typical techniques, you have a better idea of the proper situation in which to use each one.

Do remember that even with the average golf club, there may be times when you’re unhappy with the results that it can give. This means that you can always change your golf club depending on what you think should be used for a particular hit.

As you learn more and you become skilled at playing golf, you’ll begin to make educated guesses based on the information that you’ve learned. Over time, you can become very good at it and your choices for each hit will be spot on. A lot of this is just a matter of practice and getting a better feel for your clubs.

Aside from distance, you also have to pay attention to current playing conditions. For instance, if it is windy, using your best-average club will not take you far. Aside from the fact that you have to go with the wind to ensure that your shots are accurate, you also have to choose the right golf club.

You may need to go with a 5 iron when there is too much wind when most players use the 4 iron for normal playing conditions.

There are also a lot of beginners out there who might get a little confused when they check out hybrid clubs. Hybrids are meant to be replacements for one or more of the clubs that you may have in your bag. Do remember that the golf clubs it will replace will also bring the same distance, so it does not matter too much whether you use a hybrid or not for your game play.

Another thing to point out is that more efficient drivers are usually better at hitting the ball and going through longer distances than those who are not efficient drivers at all. This means that simply changing some tactics and body movements will already improve your distance immediately.

Keep this information in mind, whether you’re shopping for a new set of clubs or are just getting familiar with your set as you begin honing your golf game. Be sure to practice frequently, especially when you’re first getting acquainted with your clubs. This is the best way to learn how everything performs.

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