From swans to fighting gators – 4 crazy golf course invasions you have to see!

Golf courses are usually such beautiful, calm, idyllic places. That’s partly what makes golf so enjoyable. Whether they’re the picturesque, traditional James Braid golf courses or the stunning gems you can find all across Europe, golf is defined by its courses.

They’re elegant. They’re peaceful. Golf is essentially a country walk with a bit of competition thrown in. As the Mark Twain saying goes, “golf is a good walk spoiled.”

Well, sometimes its more than just your own bad play that can spoil a day of golf. Yes, it’s frustrating when your shot swings wide again or you land in the bunker just when you thought you’d carefully positioned yourself to drop effortlessly onto the green. But you know what else is bad?

Sharks. And alligators. And bears. Oh, and of course swans. (We’ll get to that in a bit… they’re scarier than they look!)

Luckily, here in England, the hazards on a golf course rarely get much scarier than a bit of water or a stronger than normal breeze on an otherwise grey day. But in America and Australia? Let’s take a look…


When swans attack...

On a beautiful day at Grimsby Golf Course… some terrifying swans charged down a golfer who didn’t quite know how to react! And his friend couldn’t stop laughing. Not exactly a petrifying golf course invasion, but it’s about as out of the ordinary as it gets on our shores! And you have to admit – it’s pretty funny.

Never interrupt a dancing bear

Imagine landing on the green, then striding over to find your ball only to see a bear playing with the flag. Well, that is exactly the kind of thing that happened here on a golf course in Canada. It danced around the pole, and even used it as a back scratcher – before stealing a ball and wandering off!

Killer sharks - on a golf course?

The sign alone is enough to give me the creeps. Not that I’d want to swim in a water hazard anyway, but seeing a shark on what is essentially a road sign is pretty scary! And then the camera pans to the fins… you can almost hear the Jaws music from here. Apparently, a nearby river flooded into the golf course – bringing some bull sharks with it. Only in Australia!

An epic alligator battle

Not much could top seeing sharks on the course, but this just about does. Admittedly, if you play in Florida often, you probably see a gator every time you set foot on the course – but these are massive, and they’re really going at it. Something about seeing their deadly spin technique up close is awe inspiring, but truly scary.

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