Essential Golf Tips for Beginners

For some people, playing golf might appear to be easy compare to other sports that might require more strength. But in reality, golf can be one of the most challenging sports to play considering that you need to possess certain skills in order to ace the game. And for those who have just started, it is no longer a surprise if ever you end up not hitting the ball itself or if you constantly end up missing where you aim for. This is definitely normal for beginners. Before you can finally be an excellent player, you need to continuously improve and practice. Here are just some of the best golf tips for beginners that you can easily use to improve your golf performance.

Read fundamental lessons and other materials.

Prior to playing golf, it helps if you are at least knowledgeable as to how the sport works. Of course, reading is different from actual application. But by reading fundamental lessons and other materials related to golf, you get to learn many things. Through these materials, you can see the different techniques that are used by golfers which you can also use later on. There are also other tips that you can incorporate during the game.

Have the right and solid stance.

Without a proper and solid stance, you will not be able to hit the ball let alone where you aim for. Having the right stance helps you keep your balance and ensures that you also have the right posture when doing the golf swing and hitting the ball. To have the right stance, spread your feet apart. Make sure that the distance is the same as the width as your shoulders. Your hips, shoulders, feet and knees should be in parallel to the target.

Have a solid grip.

The way you grip can definitely affect your over-all performance so make sure that you make friends with it.

You cannot just hold the club anyway you like since there is a right way and position to do it.

When it comes to gripping the back of the club, you can do it in three different ways. If you have small hands, you can go for the baseball grip where you grip the same as you do it in baseball. The other way is the so-called interlocking grip. This is where your right hand’s smaller finger is locked with your left hand’s index finger. Finally, the last one is the Vardon grip. This method is where your right hand’s little finger is positioned in between your left hand’s index finger and middle finger.

Perfect your golf swing.

Once you know the right stance, posture and position, you should now work on having your perfect golf swing. This is quite challenging since if you are a beginner, you might not easily execute the right golf swing. Always keep in mind the right posture, stance along with the right positioning of the body when you are about to have the golf swing. Relax your arms and you can also waggle before you perform the final swing. Another tip to perfect this part is to observe how others do it. Reading texts as to how the right golf swing is done can surely help but it is better to do it and see it for yourself. In that way, you can see if you are doing it right. When you observe the other golfers, it is easy for you to know if you are doing it the right way.

Make use of your range sessions.

Before you finally head into the golf course to play the game, you should constantly practice in the driving range first. Learn from your range sessions as they can definitely be useful for you to have better performance when you are at the actual game. This is basically one of the reasons why even professional golfers would make every range session count. Every range session has 50 balls and it will take you about 30 minutes for every session. To warm up the body and to avoid wasting your time in the course because of missed shots, make the most out of your range sessions.

Practice using different clubs

For beginners, it is better not to use a difficult club right away especially when you have just started. During your practice sessions, you can use the different clubs in your bag then eventually; you can master each and every club as you go. In this case, avoid the driver in the bag. In fact, golfers would avoid during the initial 18 months of playing the sport.

Try a Par 3 Course

To help you have a better understanding of the game along with the other things that you need to know, you can actually try having a Par 3 Course. This is a great way for you develop your knowledge about the game and to avoid wasting time searching for golf balls. You can focus on your course management skills along with the other important skills that you want to develop and to further enhance.

Learn the different golf shots.

As you proceed, you should start learning the different golf shots. There are various golfing shots that you can try like a cleek shot, the mid-iron golf shoot, mashie golf shot, jigger and niblick. Get to know how these golf shots are done and you can further hone your skills and style.

Choose the Best Equipment

In playing golf, you will need various equipment and tools for you to play with ease and comfort. From buying the right golf shoes, golf bags to clubs, it is essential that you also take time to find the right equipment that you will use during your range sessions and when you finally get in the golf course. Buying the best equipment does not have to entail you a lot of cost so take time in weighing your choices and choose those items that are good buys.

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