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When you are the type of person that has a passion for golf, then you might want to be able to play golf at any time of the year, right? Even during the off season. So if you want to put your skills into practice and can’t go to the golf range then you would want to buy the most realistic putting surface. That way, when spring comes, you don’t lose any strokes around the green. Here are some of the best indoor putting greens in the market today!

Big Moss Putting Green: The gold standard!

Big moss putting green golfThe Big Moss putting green is considered to be the gold standard amongst all indoor putting greens out there. This is because they have this user friendly feature that makes it very easy to set up. Also, they have a true roll that is available in all different sizes.

Moreover, they are also extremely durable and can be stored by being rolled up when not in use. They can be rolled at about a 10/11 on the stimp meter and this is when you roll them in a hard surface but put them on a carpet and you will definitely notice that it will slow down.

For a faster or slower roll, you can always vacuum it whenever you want and can even use foam Break Snakes (that come with it) in order to putt with some undulation. It can stand over 3 ft to 12 ft putts and you will definitely be able to get a realistic practice. In conclusion, with this putting green you will not miss the golf range.

Tour Links Putting Green : Durable and Modular

Now this one can be very ideal to be used indoor and outdoor. They also offer a very realistic putting surface and they come in modular panels so that you can put all the pieces together to shape the green. Their plastic sub-frame is very durable and customers love them for their quality construction. You can also alter the undulation to customize the experience.

StarPro Putting Greens for a Realistic Feel

Starpros putting green for indoor practice

StarPro putting greens have a great and realistic feel. The surface is a foam mat that can easily be rolled for storage. The greens are rated a 10 on the stimp meter and will roll a little bit slower if place on a softer underlying surface.

The StarPro indoor putting greens have a 2mm thick rubber base and multiple layers of backing. Each StarPro putting green carries a lifetime warranty.

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  1. I’ve had the same green for about a year and I would agree with everything you’ve said. It’s held up very well and so far neither my dog or 3yr old have damaged it. My only complaint is that balls don’t stay in the hole. I usually use it on bare concrete in the basement and the ball just pops right back out.

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