Best Golf Training Aids


golf training aids


Practice makes one perfect and that adage also works for people who love to golf. It is very important especially for professional players to have regular and smooth-flowing training to help them enhance their skills. Here are some of the best golf training aids that you will definitely need!

Sony Camcorder

Sony camcorderOf course, you will need a video camera, camcorder or a digital camera to be able to record all your training sessions and review them later. It is recommended to buy something to video tape your swing so that you can look for the changes you want to make and then re-record to measure your progress. Some of the well-known brands are Panasonic, Sony and Casio. Also, a tripod would be very helpful to keep it in its place and be able to ensure that the angle is consistent.

User-Friendly Video Software

There is a lot of computer software that allows you to be able to edit your training videos. With these software, you can draw lines and even make side by side comparisons. Specifically, software such as Cswing and V1 allow you to be able to email swings and screen shots to people for their personal libraries. When it comes to tablets, the V1 app is very user-friendly and for Mac users, the Analyzr Golf software is the one to have.

Smart Body Golf Leverage Discs

swinging on balance discs

To be able to clearly understand the weight shift and lateral movement and to be able to  strengthen the legs during the swing, balance discs will be able to help create an incredible sense of proprioception.  After a few swings on these, golfers will be more aware of imbalances in their swing and have a better concept of the role of the ankles, knees, and hips during the swing.


Last but not the very least, if you want to improve your swing without having complicated positions and mechanics, then you definitely have to get a power chute for yourself to be able to help you feel and control what your body has to do to keep the acceleration going.

Compression Board

Simplicity is the key here. The club must be working downward with an iron in order to hit the ball solidly, which is why this product is great for practice. With this, you will have an automatic feedback telling you whether your club hit the board and where your divot started. It’s flexible where it can be used for chipping as well as putting.

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