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There is no doubt about just how amazing technology has been in improving different aspects of our lives, especially the sport of golfing. With the help of your smartphones and even just an attachment, you are now able to get a complete analysis of your own golf swing, including club head speed, club head angles, backswing angles, body rotation, and more!

Can we just take a moment to process how cool and awesome this is! You can also even compare your scores to that of professional players! Of course, these applications are not that perfect and accurate yet but they can definitely help you in improving your playing style. If you are a golfer and looking to improve your swing but can’t afford to hire a coach or instructor, then with just a few taps on your smartphone, you can have one for free! Here are some of the best golf swing analyzers in the market today!

Best Swing Analysis System: Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer


Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer reviewThis golf swing analyzer is considered to be one of the newest and best swing analysis systems on the market currently. That is because it comes with a lot of features that golfers will surely love and find very helpful. This system stems from a small sensor that is placed on your glove. This sensor communicates with a mobile application that is available on both android and iOS smartphones. The sensor connects with your smartphone/tablet device via Bluetooth and as you swing, the sensor will record thousands of data points along your swing path to help you find out where you need to improve.

The Zepp golf 3d swing analyzer is very small and lightweight, so you won’t notice it while playing.  It is also very reasonably priced at only $140, and is our choice for the best golf swing analyzer system on the market!

Another Popular Swing Analyzer: SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System

SwingTIP Golf Swing & Coaching System

Brought to you by the guys from Mobicoach, the SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System is very cheap but very popular among swing analyzer systems on the market.  It has a motion-sensing device that can analyze 5 different aspects of your swing such as address, takeaway, top-of-swing, downswing and impact.

Not only that, you also get a 3D-animation of your swing to help you analyze it even further. Of course, it also has a few imperfections. The device does not work well for those people who are left-handed.

Mobicoach provides excellent customer service, so if you receive a faulty product, just make sure you contact them and they will send you a replacement.

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