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Today we’re going to cover some of the best golf gps products available, and give you an insight into which one could be the best for you.

Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch with Car Charge Adapter

The Garmin Approach S6 is often described as the best golf GPS watch on the market to date. Truth be told I think it is a good watch. This watch comes equipped with overhead hole maps as well as a touch screen. This can be used to tell the distance to any point on the golf course.

I also like the fact that this watch incorporates an advanced level of functionality on a watch that has a limited screen space. This is done by elegantly using the automatic zoom. While you are at the tee box, the S6 will automatically zoom in on the area on the hole map that corresponds to your driving distance – this is normally done based on hoe you pre-set the watch.

I like the fact that this features acts based on what you had set the watch to do. For example if you tell the watch that you can drive the ball 100 yards; the watch will then automatically zoom 100 yards on the green; Seeing that you told the watch that is your typical landing area.

This watch along with a car charge adapter will cost a whopping $414.19. However, I must state that based on its features it is quite worth it.


  • It actually posses overhead hole maps; for a watch this is quite impressive.
  • The watch is able to load your statistical analysis, making it available through synching to Garmin Connect
  • It has strong course coverage
  • This watch actually has handicap scoring


  • You will not be able to see scorecard or statistics on the device itself
  • You still have to watch out! The watch does not list distances to hazards.

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Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Touchscreen Golf Course GPS

The G6 is basically an upgrade on the G3 and G5. Not only does it posses more features but it is also more compact. The G6 is one of the smallest GPS devices with a color screen, thanks to its sleeker design it is about 2.6 In diagonal and at just 0.8” thick it weighs a meager 3.4 ounces.

The G6 includes a high level of course image details and is augmented with coloured layup arcs.

These provide context on the hole’s layout. If you touch any point on the map the G6 will tell you the distance to that point, as well as the distance from that point to the middle of the green. Additionally, the device also features a scorecard with multiple scoring options, statistics and club distance averages.

This is fairly cheaper than the S6 and will cost you about $205.24.


  • Sit is the smallest and lightest device tested that provides full hole views
  • Its full set of features, includes statistics tracking and the ability to determine club distance averages
  • No fee for access to the course database
  • It comes with a glove-friendly touch screen display and adjustable backlight.


  • It arbitrary nature of when distances are displayed to mapped targets may become a bother
  • When touching the screen to determine a target distance, the distance to the targeted point may be difficult to see which needs fixing
  • I have personally experienced minor bugs and crashes when trying to view scorecards on the device.

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Skygolf Skycaddie Linx Gps Watches Linx Gps Watch

The SkyCaddie is actually an upgrade in its line of golf GPS watch offerings with the SkyCaddie LINX. This watch actually brings SkyCaddie’s mapped hazards, doglegs, layup points and greens to your wrist, along with scoring and statistics. This then makes it not only convenience but very compact as well.

The previous generation of watches on the market, including the SkyCaddie WATCH, only provided distances to the front, center and back of the green; This does that and much more. The LINX also comes equipped with Bluetooth can be paired with your mobile phone, thus enabling you to receive notifications on the watch when you receive a call or a text message, which I think is a really nice feature.

The LINX also sync your round to your SkyGolf 360 account through the SkyCaddie mobile app. This watch is priced at approximately $200 and the subscription will actually drive up the price making it really expensive.


  • It is fairly durable and long lasting
  • The fact that it measures distances to hazards and layup points and is a watch makes it a good buy
  • It has strong course coverage
  • It provides statistics tracking which is a bonus


  • The thickness of the watch means it will occasionally catch on long sleeves or your pants pocket; this can sometimes be annoying
  • The annual fees may be a deterrent to some
  • Has setup problem which may get you frustrated.

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These GPS actually completes your golfing experience. Golf is can be a relaxing and fun sport with the right equipment. As a result for me the best GPS device is the S6. While it may be a bit expensive it is convenient and comfortable.

My only drawback to that will be the fact you will still have to look out for hazards on the golf course. If you cannot bother to look out for hazards then the Linx will be the option for you. Happy Golfing!


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  2. Thank you for introducing such a great product to us!

  3. Chad Robinson says:

    I am using a Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS watch and it’s really a wonderful piece of tech. Good article.

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