Best golf blogs: 15 must-read golf blogs and websites you can check out right now


Golf is a hugely popular sport, and with players as thrilling as Jason Day and as quirky as Bryson DeChambeau entertaining us in big competitions, it’s easy to see why. But while playing golf can be downright frustrating at times, it’s always enjoyable reading about the beautiful game – whether you’re discovering gorgeous courses or laughing along with other people’s struggles!

If you’re looking for the best golf blogs online or craving the latest golf news, I’ve got you covered today. I’m very much privileged to have the following that I do, but I’m well aware that there are other excellent blogs out there too – and I’ve put together 15 of the very best.

Many of the sites on this list have been around for a while, and some of them are more new. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the list, so if you think there is anyone I should add, please feel free to reply in the comments below. You can also get in touch with Birdieable on Twitter or through the contact form on this site.

Keep in mind these sites aren’t listed in order of preference or rank. It’s just the order I found them, followed them, or remembered to add them! They all have one thing in common, though – they’re well worth your attention. So without further ado…

Here are some of the best golf blogs and websites on the net:

1.) HittingTheGreen


Rob Green is a golf tutor with over 40 years’ experience. He’s been writing for several years, and has been featured in such places as Bleacher Report, CBS, and Golf Channel, so you’re sure to find a lot of good content on his site.

Clearly if you want some golf advice, this is a great place to start.

Best bits:

  • Beginner’s golf guides
  • Handy tips
  • Videos to help improve your game



2.) TheHackersParadise


THP describe themselves as a golf media with an emphasis on the golfer’s lifestyle. Their website covers product reviews, tour coverage, contests, and even has an active forum, so you can get involved with other golf fans from around the globe.

Like all the sites on this list, you’ll get great information and insights here.

Best bits:

  • Course reviews
  • Podcasts and videos on all aspects of the sport
  • Contests and giveaways


3.) TheGolfGirl


Want a woman’s perspective on golf? This blog is that and more. While it may have started out as one of the only golf blogs edited by a woman, it’s grown into something much larger, and Golf Girl Media now works with a lot of golf players, brands and media.

You absolutely don’t need to be female to enjoy this site, as the quality of the articles is first and foremost what drew me in.

The best bits:

  • Easy to read and covers a wide range of topics
  • Videos on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Approachable news and lifestyle features


4.) WeiUnderPar


You might be familiar with golf broadcaster/writer Stephanie Wei. If not, where have you been? She provides keen insight, and is well known for her unique perspective on golf. This site is where she calls home online, and it’s packed full of useful information.

It’s a great place for all the latest golf news and insights, from the latest pro news to what to wear on the course.

The best bits:

  • Daily news and features
  • Chat with Stephanie on Instagram and Twitter
  • Frequent polls and images from the golfing scene


5.) GolfAndCourse


If you want information about the latest tours, the latest news, and at the same time some great tips and advice, then you will do well to frequent this site. It’s easy to use, clean and intuitive, and has all the equipment reviews a golfer could ask for!

GolfAndCourse is one of the most comprehensive golf sites around, and is visually stunning too, with plenty of golfing photos to keep you clicking through the pages.

The best bits:

  • Easy-to-follow advice
  • Reviews of apps and golf equipment
  • All the latest news from the big golf tournaments


6.) HowToBreak80


Jack Moorehouse might not be a professional golfer, but his site is dedicated to helping you become part of the 5 percent of golfers who ever break 80. Sound good? It does to me too!

This isn’t a site that will tell you to practice day in, day out. Rather it’s a place that you can learn to improve your golf while still holding down a day job. There are a lot of handy tips and “hacks” here that are well worth checking out.

The best bits:

  • Videos for easy learning
  • Newsletter packed with tips to improve your game
  • Loaded with easy-to-understand tips


7.) YourGolfTravel


The clue is in the name, but this site is actually more than just a golf travel blog. Yes it has information on various courses around the world (as well as the latest news), but it also has features and equipment reviews.

Would somebody enjoy this site if they don’t plan on golf trips overseas? Absolutely, there’s more to it than that, with well-written features and articles that are sure to kill the cravings of any golf fan.

The best bits:

  • Clean, slick layout
  • Breaking golf news
  • Wide-ranging features on every aspect of the sport


8.) AmericanGolf


The blog over at American Golf is another top quality blog run by a huge company. American Golf, as you’d expect, has owned and operated a large number of courses throughout the world for over 40 years.

The quality of information on the blog is well worth your time, and the pictures will have you all but boarding a plane to get over to the US to enjoy some golf. But it’s not just course reviews and features you’ll find. They have posts on golf movies, news, and equipment too.

The best bits:

  • Beautiful courses from all over America
  • Well-written insight into what makes each course unique
  • Read up on the best golf movies, equipment, and tips


9.) SirShanksAlot


There are a lot of sites on this list with cool names, but this one has got to be the best. This is another blog with useful information, equipment reviews, training drills, and other useful content.

It also has a more simple and straightforward structure, which makes it more accessible than some other more magazine-style sites. Dive in to a host of useful tips, features and some of the best golf articles on the net.

The best bits:

  • Simple, intuitive layout
  • Loads of tips, from fundamentals to in-depth drills
  • Reviews and features on all aspects of the sport


10.) Aussie Golfer


This site, which has been going since 2007, is one of those blogs that people read from all around the world. You don’t have to be an Aussie to enjoy it. It has a different voice from the other blogs on this list, and makes for great procrastinating.

News, reviews, videos, and even a “fun” section make this blog worth your time. Be careful, you might end up staying too long!

The best bits:

  • Unique, enjoyable slant on the sport
  • Funny videos and news from across the globe
  • Top-class reviews of all the new equipment


11.) GolfDashBlog


John and Doug have created a great site here. It’s primarily dedicated to helping you improve and enhance your game, but it has a history going back to 2005 when it was one of the largest golf sites online.

There’s oodles of useful information here, and a newsletter and ebook allowing you to get even more from the site. It’s well worth checking out, no matter what your skill level.

The best bits:

  • Free ebook to improve your technique
  • Podcasts so you can listen to great content on the go
  • Well written articles helping you to improve


12.) ArmchairGolfBlog


Who says a site needs to be on its own domain to be successful? Neil hosts his site over at Blogspot, and has created a great place to “celebrate the game of golf.”

News, tips, and everything golf can be found here, as well as Neil’s own books, which have racked up some terrific reviews. What are you waiting for? Head on over to take a look!

The best bits:

  • Insight from a celebrated golf author
  • Up-to-date golf news
  • Blog posts written in an easy-to-read style




When a site like has a blog, you know it’s going to be a good idea to pay it a visit. The focus of this particular blog is instructions and lessons, and it even has videos to make things as easy as possible.

Of course, the site as a whole is much more comprehensive than just tips to help you improve at golf. It covers pretty much everything you’d want to know about the game, with industry-leading content and interesting articles every day.

The best bits:

  • Videos to help improve your golf game
  • Tips and tricks from the pros
  • Fantastic equipment reviews and analysis


14.) Byron Kalies


Byron describes himself as a golf writer, photographer, poker player, golfer, and novelist. Quite the list of skills! And they all combine to make this site one not to miss.

He has written for a number of publications, and certainly has a flair for the art. Over at his blog, you can find a mixture of articles and books, so this isn’t purely a golf blog. Still, there is a lot of golf coverage, and I’m happy to include it in this list.

The best bits:

  • Written with creative flair and artistic style
  • More than just a golf blog
  • Insight into the life of a golfing author


15.) Birdieable


Okay, so I cheated a little by adding my own blog to the list, but it’s worth it, I promise! While this might be a fledgling blog at the moment, I like to think that you’ll enjoy the time spent here, and I appreciate that you’ve read it this far.

What do you like best about Birdieable? Is there any way you think I can improve the site? I’d be keen to hear from you.

Did I Miss Anyone?

Join in the conversation in the comments below, or take it to Twitter or Facebook using the buttons at the bottom of this post!

Let me know if you think there are other sites that should be added to the list, and I’ll take a look at them. I’m always on the lookout for new blogs, especially if they’ll help me improve my game…


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