Best Golf Balls For Seniors


Being a senior does not mean that you have to stop doing what you love. In fact it’s the best time to continue doing these things, Golf is no different. It may become more challenging however, but the solution to this is actually in choosing the golf ball that is best suited for you.

Each person has their different skill levels and handicaps and as such must choose base on this.  For those with a higher handicap you will most benefit from a pure distance ball that has low compression. Distance and forgiveness is important in choosing.

However, seeing that distance may not be as simple as it seems; you will need a golf ball that maximizes distance for slower swing speeds I have compiled a list that you may find useful when taking to the golf course.

Titleist DT SoLo Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The DT Carry is a 2 piece golf ball with a surlyn cover and is made for amateurs with slower swing speeds. This offers a good low compression / distance golf ball. As a result you will be able to have a better feel around the golf course and longer down the fairway. This offers a new high lift 252 dimple design that will deliver more carry/hang time for an even greater distance.  Coming in at $24.95; it is worth its value.

  • This offers you High lift 252 dimple design to deliver more carry/hang time for even greater distance!
  • 2 piece golf ball with a surlyn® cover and is made for amateurs with slower swing speeds.

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TaylorMade SuperDeep Golf Ball (Pack of 12)

Prices at $17.65; this is often described as a SuperDeep golf ball goes deep.  The ball is not only soft but it is also sturdy working together to make it longest 2-piece ball.


  • Price represents a good value
  • Made of rubber
  • Travels good distance
  • Its fast reaction core stores and releases energy with maximum efficiency for long distance
  • Ultra-fast iothane cover promotes fast ball speed for long distance
  • Low-drag aerodynamics promotes long carry for long distance

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Callaway HEX Diablo Golf Balls -Pack of 12, White

This golf ball has unique cover that is built not only to maximize ball speed but also promote low driver spin which will lead to longer, straighter drives. The design also offers a lower compression and is highly resilient.

  • Trionomer Cover- offers a special cover blend of three ionomers that maximizes ball speed, even at extremely low ball compression
  • The tri-blend cover also promotes low driver spin for longer, straighter drives
  • It’s s-Tech Core has low compression,
  • the s-Tech core feels soft off the clubface yet keeps the driver spin low to maximize distance
  • Surface pattern is engineered to produce even better low-speed lift for more distance while maintaining the stable, penetrating ball flight that’s been a trademark of HEX Aerodynamics

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Bridgestone Golf 2012 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

This ball is aimed at maximizing those amateur swing speeds under 105 mph who prefer maximum ‘PGA Tour Spin.’ This ball features a formulated mantle that gives a reduced side spin leading to greater accuracy and distance.

It also features a Dual Dimple Technology that offers a superior aerodynamics and enhanced wind performance. Its soft core design feature allows for maximum compression for moderate swing speed players.

  • It is Specifically designed for players who prefer maximum Tour spin.
  • It’s softSoft gradational compression core allows for longer and straighter distance
  • It has been Reengineered inorder for its mantle to produce reduced spin and greater accuracy
  • Has a soft Urethane cover just for players seeking extra greenside spin control
  • Comes with a 330 dual dimple technology allowing for a consistent flight

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Nike Golf One RZN Golf Balls

Available for $30.95, this golf ball offers you a resin core that is responsive, as well as having a light and fast than rubber. Its One RZN is a 3 piece ionomer ball that gives maximum distance as well as carrying a softer feel for amateurs. This ball on a whole will allow you to have longer and straighter shots with a softer feel on impact.

  • Its Resin core is a more responsive material that is lighter and faster than rubber
  • Softer feel on impact
  • 3 piece ball
  • Provides you with Longer and straighter shots
  • Provides maximum distance and softer feel for amateurs

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  2. Nice article on golf balls for seniors. It’s good to see someone put forth recommendations on golf ball fitting for seniors and players with slower swing speeds. As you point out, there are plenty of golf balls at competitive prices for seniors to play. Great selection. Thanks for the information, it is very useful to us senior golfers!

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