Best Golf Balls for Beginners


If you’re just learning how to play golf, you probably want to try to get as much practice as possible. To do that, you’re going to need the right balls, but not just any will do. That’s right; beginners need to play with a different type of ball from those that the professionals use.

Pro balls often feature special technology that you just won’t be able to take advantage of or master when you’re only starting out. That’s why it’s important to look for the best golf balls for beginners. This article outlines several different types that can work for you.

Before you rush out to buy balls, it’s important to know how to evaluate them. Good balls have several different features to consider:

  • Price – You have to consider the price because golf balls can be quite expensive to purchase. You’ll probably lose quite a few of them in the beginning, so you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to be able to practice.
  • Ease of Use – Using golf balls that seem too hard to hit can make you lose your patience with playing. Most two-piece balls are better for beginners because they provide greater distance with less spin. They have harder covers as well, so they’re more durable.

Srixon 2013 Q-Star Series Golf Balls

Srixon golf balls

Srixon 2013 Q-Star Series Golf Balls are advertised as top-of-the-line golf balls for beginners. They’re easy to use, and there are two colors to choose from depending on your preference. These two-piece balls feature advanced aerodynamic dimples for extra control. A box of 12 costs about $17.


  • Good Quality – You can be sure that these will last for quite some time as long as you don’t lose them.
  • Color Preference – You can choose from the usual white color or neon yellow. The yellow may be beneficial for you if you are having trouble seeing the ball in mid-air.
  • Preferred by Players in Intermediate Levels – You can feel like your skills are already beginning to flourish with the use of this product because the balls perform well and are easy to control.


  • Expensive – The yellow variety costs almost $10 more per box than the white.

The Srixon 2013 Q Star Series Golf Ball may be a good buy if you are in more advanced than novice level, but if you have never played before, you may want to check out other golf balls first. Most customers who purchased these balls recommend them highly for beginners.

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Training Plastic Golf Elastic PU Foam Balls

Aisster practice balls

These foam golf balls may be the perfect choice for beginners like you who do not want to spend money on real golf balls when you just want to practice your swing. They come in a bright yellow color for visibility and won’t damage furniture or glass if you practice inside. A package of four balls costs about $3.


  • Inexpensive – Want to make sure that you can use golf balls that don’t require you to spend too much? These golf balls are perfect for you. If you lose them, they’re so cheap to replace.
  • Made for Practicing – If you want to practice your swing at home, these are ideal. They won’t damage glass, furniture, or the walls upon accidental impact.
  • Bright Color – Having trouble trying to see the ball once you hit it? The bright color of this golf ball will make it easy to see no matter where it lands, even when you’re outside.


  • Not for Real Play – You can’t actually use these balls to play a round with. They’re definitely meant for learning some skills, not testing them out.

If you’re searching for practice golf balls that will allow you to get better and better at the various movements that you have to do, this may be the perfect golf ball for you. It is not meant for serious playing time, but it serves its purpose wonderfully. These are cheap enough that they’re worth having around no matter what.

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A99 Floater

Floating golf balls

If you’d like to get your golf balls in bulk so you don’t have any problem when you lose several at once, this may be the right product to try. These white balls float in water and come in a 15-piece set that costs about $25.


  • They Float – Based on the name, it is quite easy to see that these golf balls are buoyant, which means that if the ball is going to land in water, you can still retrieve it.
  • Inexpensive – Want to make sure that you don’t break the bank when you purchase golf balls? These will allow you to do just that.
  • Durable ­– These balls are hard enough that you can practice with them over and over without ruining them.


  • Only for Beginners – Admittedly, these are not the best balls that are available. Those who have been playing golf for more than a little bit of time can do better than this.

These are another great choice for practice balls. They’re better than the yellow foam balls in a way because they’re more durable in outdoor conditions and stand up to the elements much more effectively, although you can’t use them inside. They’re a bit costlier than the Srixon balls, but these float so you’re less likely to lose them.

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Wilson Titanium Ball

Wilson titanium ball

Want to get into golf? Wilson Titanium Golf Balls are easy enough to use for the most basic-level beginners. They feature titanium cores and two-piece construction for maximum energy transfer and distance. They come in a pack of 18 and cost about $8.


  • Inexpensive – The price is always one of the things that a lot of beginners are concerned about, and these are definitely low-cost.
  • Travels Long Distance – Unlike other inexpensive balls, these ones really move far.
  • High Energy Transfer – You can feel like a pro even for just a short period of time when you’re using these balls for practice. The performance is that great.


  • A Bit Hard to See – Because these can travel far, there may be instances when they will be hard for you to see.

Overall, these are definitely an ideal option for outdoor practice. They cost less than $.50 apiece, so they’re extremely affordable, and they work well. Some customers report that there might be quality control issues with some of the balls, as a few in each box can turn out to be defective. That’s just small price to pay for such a great deal, however.

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Based on the elements mentioned above, choosing the right golf ball to play and practice with is now much easier. Purchase from the right source and start practicing to become a better golf player. For beginners, the best golf ball is definitely the Wilson Titanium Ball, because these are inexpensive and can imitate the classy feel of more expensive golf balls.

They also offer ideal performance. The Floaters are the second-best option. The price again is another consideration, especially because the fact that these float is an added bonus.

The third-best ranking goes to the Srixon 2013 Q-Star Series Golf Balls. Although they are pricier than the others, you definitely get what you pay for with these when it comes to quality. They’re exceptionally durable.



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