A golf course inside a baseball stadium? Check this out!

You might recognise the above photo as the home of San Diego’s baseball team, the Padres. It’s one of the biggest baseball stadiums in America, and can hold almost 43,000 people. But now something fantastic is happening. From November 5-9, it is being turned into a golf course.

“The Links at Petco Park” opens tomorrow, the dates having been expanded due to demand, and all 1,500 tee times are already booked out. And you can see the appeal: the 1,000 yard course boasts nine unique holes, each posing a different challenge. Players will be able strike the ball from all over the stadium, with greens dotted around the field. There’s even a putting green in the home dugout!

You can spend between $100 – $200, with varying degrees of swag for handing over your hard-earned cash. You’ll get refreshments provided before and after your round, and Callaway clubs will be provided.

The course is not open for long - but offers the chance of a lifetime.

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You can get a feel for the layout of the fantastic course in the map above. Not bad, eh? Even if you’re not a fan of baseball you can appreciate what an experience it’s bound to be – especially if the Padres are your home team. You can get a feel for the stadium like never before.

Before they tee off, the lucky golfers will be greeted in the VIP area, then it’s off to warm up in the Padres’ batting cages. Once they’re ready to go, they will be taken through the locker room and – like the baseball stars themselves – walk down the tunnel and out into the dugout.

Then it’s time for the opening shot: teeing off right from the home plate. You can’t get much more dramatic or immersive than that.

At the end of the day, The Loft, which has been converted into a Callaway clubhouse, will be serving food and drink, so you can relax while you watch the other players go round the course.

Due to the frankly immense demand for tickets, there is bound to be another one – and it’s sure to inspire similar events around the country. It’s going to be exciting to follow this from tomorrow onwards, and to see where we go from here!

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