5 of the most amazing (and funniest!) videos on golf you can see on YouTube

One of my favourite things to do on YouTube is to find golf videos – whether they’re funny, informative, or just flat-out entertaining. Golf lends itself so well to the site, I think, and there are some fantastic golf videos out there.
I ran a post recently about 10 of the best golfing YouTube channels, but that was very specific: it had to be channels which existed purely for golf videos.
But that ruled out some of the best videos out there, which are one-off gems not to be missed. So let’s dive into them now. And if there are any hilarious golf videos you think I should see, just leave a link in the comments!

5. Robin Williams on Golf

4. Jack Nicklaus Unbelievable Putt

3. The 200-yard gong shot

2. Phil Mickelson's famous backwards shot

1. A Compilation to start with V.V. Funny

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