4,500 ft high: the world’s hardest golf hole?

See that green? Reckon you could hit it? Yeah, me neither...

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In recent weeks, we’ve covered some of the lovely courses played during the Solheim Cup and Walker Cup, and posted a feature delving into some of the best James Braid golf courses, which you can find across Great Britain and Ireland. But none of them can claim to offer the hardest, most challenging, most awe-inspiring hole of golf in the world.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have wondered about the hardest golf holes in the world before. There are some spectacular ones out there, after all. A lot has been made of The Legend, a famous mountaintop Entanebi Safari Reserve in South Africa, and if you check out this list of the 10 toughest golf holes in the world, you can see that it looks far more terrifying than the ones that are placed ahead of it.

The only way to tee off is to get in a helicopter and fly 400 metres above the green, where you’ll be treated to quite the spectacular view…



The first challenge when you tee off on Hanglin Mountain is to rip your eyes away from the stunning view!

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This hole is often seen as the hardest in the world, despite its paltry number six ranking on the Mirror’s list. And you can see why! Standing up there, you have to squint to even see the green, and if you’re not careful you’ll never see your golf ball again.

But there is another hole to challenge this fearsome behemoth. A hole as ridiculously gorgeous as it is impossibly hard. A hole that doesn’t even feature on the Mirror’s list at all.

The helicopter company Over the Top teamed up with the people at Golf Warehouse to bring you a hole so hard, so outrageous, that to even contemplate hitting the green you have to fly THREE TIMES higher than the legendary South African hole.

Just look at it!



Who knew a par 3 could be so challenging?

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Nestled in the glorious Southern Alps of New Zealand, overlooking Queenstown, this mind-bogglingly challenging par 3 is 4,500 ft high, and if you don’t hit the green in one… well, you can watch as your golf ball tumbles into the sky blue water, or else pings off to be lost forever in the rugged rocks.

The green is so hard to reach that, even after you pull out a miracle and hit it with your drive, you have to take a helicopter down to attempt your putt.

It’s so unique that there are some rather unorthodox rules to follow while you’re up there. And, naturally, number one is to never drive unless your helicopter is behind you!

Rules of the Mind-boggling hole

  1. Only drive with your helicopter behind you!
  2. Don't be intimidated - stand tall and swing - have you ever fallen over on a golf course?
  3. Eco balls recommended off the Keyhole tee due to random ricochets
  4. Watch for green pricks on the course (from the Aciphylla horrida (Horrid Spaniard)).
  5. Follow the switch back, signs between the tees, to the green.
  6. Heads up, enjoy the views. Walk like a cowboy, think like a sherpa.
  7. Placing is permitted as long as you throw uphill
  8. Best of your balls for the score board.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots to appreciate just how gorgeous it is. Tickets to New Zealand, anyone?




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